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From Roots to Wings

 Gujarat – The Land of the Legends, stands bordered by Pakistan and Rajasthan in the north east, Madhya Pradesh in the east, and Maharashtra and the Union territories of Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli in the south. The Arabian Sea borders the state both to the west and the south west.

The State took it’s name from the Gujjars, who ruled the area during the 700’s and 800’s. Stone Age settlements around Sabarmati and Mahi rivers indicate the same time as that of the Indus Valley Civilization while Harappan centres are also found at Lothal, Rampur, Amri and other places. 
Rock Inscriptions in the Girnar Hills show that the Maurya Emperor Ashoka, extended his domain into Gujarat in about 250 BC. With it’s fall, the control of the region came under the Sakas or Scythians. 
Rock Inscriptions in the Girnar Hills show that the Maurya Emperor Ashoka, extended his domain into Gujarat in about 250 BC. With it’s fall, the control of the region came under the Sakas or Scythians. 
During the 900’s the Solanki Dynasty came to power and Gujarat reached it’s greatest extent.

Then followed a long period of Muslim rule. Ahmed I, the first independent Muslim ruler of Gujarat, found Ahmedabad in 1411. The Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered Malwa and Gujarat in 1570’s.

The British East India Company set its first footsteps in Surat in 1818 and the State came in control of their rule.
Gujarat was divided into princely states. After the Indian Independence in 1947, all of Gujarat except Saurashtra and Kutchh became part of Bombay State until May 1, 1960, when the Government split Bombay state into the States of Maharashtra & Gujarat
Ahmedabad became the chief city of the new State and housed the State Government Offices. They remained there until they were transferred to Gandhinagar in 1970.
Gujarat Facts:







96,024 sq km







Principal Language




Other Languages


English, Hindi and other Indian languages

Literacy Rate





93.2 cm



Summer: min 25 degrees to 45 dig’s

Winter: min 15 degrees to max 35 dig’s



November to February

Eco System


Ranges from deserts, scrublands, grasslands, deciduous forests, and wetlands to mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries, and gulfs.

Proud To Be A Gujarati:


  • Our State of GUJARAT Situated in western India and bordering Pakistan, Gujarat is among Indias most prosperous states.
  • Its per capita GDP is 2.4 times the Indian average.
  • Gujaratis GDP growth rate is 10.6% and India can not achieve 8 percent Growth rate without Gujarat getting closer to 12% growth rate.
  • If it was a nation it would have been 67th richest nation in the world above many European and Asian economies like Taiwan and Ukraine.
  • Gujarat holds many records in India for economic development:

20% of India 's Industrial Output
80% of India 's Diamond Production
9% of India 's Mineral Production
50% of India 's Natural Gas Production
54% of India 's Crude Oil Production
22% of India 's exports
24% of India 's textile production
45% of India 's pharmaceutical products
35% of India 's Sponge Iron Production
47% of India 's petrochemical Production

  • The world's largest ship breaking yard is in Gujarat near Bhavnagar at Alang.
  • Reliance Petroleum Limited, one of the group companies of Reliance Industries Limited founded by Dhirubhai Ambani operates the oil refinery at Jamnagar which is the world's largest grass roots refineries.
  • Gujarat ranks first nationwide in gas-based thermal electricity generation with national market share of over 8% and second nationwide in nuclear electricity generation with national market share of over 1%.
  • Over 20% of the S&P CNX 500 conglomerates have corporate offices in Gujarat.
  • Over 35% of the stock market wealth of India is with Gujarati People.
  • In recent Forbes magazine list of 10 richest Indian people four are Gujarati - Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Azim Premji and Tulsi Tanti Over 60% of Indian Population in North America is Gujarati.
  • An average income of a Gujarati family in North America is three times more than the average income of an American family.
  • Gujarat has the longest sea shore compared to any other Indian state.
  • Gujarat has the highest number of operating airports in India (Total 12)..
  • India 's 16% of Investment are from Gujarat ..
  • Gujarat has the highest number of vegetarian people compared to any other state in India..
  • The first ALL VEG PIZZA-HUT was opened in Ahmedabad.
  • "Ahmedabad“ the commercial capital of Gujarat is the seventh largest city in India...
  • Surat is the fastest growing city in the world.
  • Gandhinagar is the Greenest Capital City in whole Asiia
  • Ahmedabad is ranked 2nd in Real Estate - Ahead of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi.
  • Gujarat is the first state to interconnect 20 rivers.
  • It is the only state with statewide gas grid.
  • Largest number of immigration & emigration is done from Gujarat ..
  • Also highest Numbers of passports are issued from Gujarat .
  • Gujarat 's 41 ports handle 80% of India 's port traffic and 20% of its cargo. It is estimated that by 2015, Gujarat 's ports will handle 39% of India 's cargo.

Forbes Magazine published list of Top 20 Self-Made Business-Men from Asia . The list includes 6 men from India and out of 6 three are Gujarati - Tulsi Tanti, Gautam Adani and Uday Kotak.



Be VERY PROUD to be a GUJARATI and please pass along this to other Gujarati's

" Jya Jya Vase Ek GUJARATI Tya Tya Sadakal GUJARAT " 

But we are also very proud to be an Indian.