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Diwali 2017 Performance Registration Form

Please note some of the rules have been changed this year to accommodate growing participation. In order to be considered all entries must meet the following guidelines:

  • A login is required to create a Diwali 2017 Performance submission. You will be responsible to ensure accuracy of your submission. You will be able to make edits to your submission until the deadline. 
  • All performing groups should consist of a minimum of eight (8) participants and 5 out of 8 participants should be members of Gujarati Samaj of North East Florida
  • Each performance should be a maximum of 4 minutes long
  • Each participating performer will be limited to a maximum of 2 performances for the entire show
  • GSNEF Committee can not adjust the sequence of performances for any performer
  • All songs in your performance will need to be approved by a committee member. No songs will be repeated in more than one performance and songs will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Good quality MP3 of the performance music should be submitted via the performance entry form or an audio CD should be submitted to one of the committee members prior to the deadline
  • The deadline for submission and making updates to submissions is September 23, 2017
  • Your submission is not confirmed until the submission and music are reviewed by a committee member. You will receive an email confirmation

All participants including the choreographers will be required to have a ticket. No Exceptions.

Gujarati Samaj of NE Florida, welcomes all choreographers and groups. We are just as excited as the kids and parents in the community. Your dedication and hard work is appreciated by the entire community, especially the kids who love to show their talent.