Navratri & Diwali 2017 Tickets

The pricing for 2017 Navratri and Diwali Tickets is as follows: 
Seating Chart Preview

  • VVIP Navratri & Diwali (with Assigned Seating) $80*/person
  • VVIP Diwali Only (with Assigned Seating) $60*/person
  • VIP Navratri & Diwali (with Assigned Seating) $70*/person
  • VIP Diwali Only (with Assigned Seating) $50*/person
  • Navratri & Diwali (with Assigned Seating) $60*/person
  • Diwali Only (Assigned seating) $40.00*/person
  • Navratri Only Daily Tickets $10.00**/person/day

* Plus Applicable Fees
** Only available at venue on the day of the event. CASH Only

Please note: Children 4 years and older (or 40" or taller) will require a ticket.

In order to preserve the code of conduct for the venue as well as keeping our goodwill for future we are asking for your cooperation in maintaining the following rules:

  • The Navratri Celebration will end sharply at 12:00 Midnight
  • Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted on any GSNEF Event and this will be strictly enforced. Any one breaking this rule will be subject to eviction or arrest
  • PRASAD: You are welcome to bring Prasad for distrubition but it has to Dry Fruits & Nuts and or fresh cut fruit. Please do not bring any other items like Candies, Siro etc. Such items will NOT be accepted

"Your Cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated"

 Diwali 2017 Seating Chart